About us

Life member strength of all the 6 association members of INPSWA is about 3000.All the member organisations organize Annual Conferences / Congress including International Conferences periodically in different parts of the country in partnership with local Schools of Social Work. The delegates which include social work academicians, practitioners, scholars & students from across the country participate in these conferences The member organisationsalso conduct several workshops, seminars, symposia, talks by subject experts, exhibitions, street plays & processions for public awareness regarding various social issues of concern in the community.

India was successfully admitted into full IFSW membership during October 2015 with the formation of India Network of Professional Social Workers’ Associations( INPSWA ). The INPSWA affiliate members are : Indian Society of Professional Social Work ( ISPSW ), founded in 1970, Bengaluru,Karnataka Association of Professional Social Workers ( KAPSW ), founded in 1978, Bengaluru, Professional Social Workers’ Association ( PSWA ), founded in 1985, Chennai, Bombay Association of Trained Social Workers ( BATSW ), founded in 1989, Mumbai,National Association of Professional Social Workers in India ( NAPSWI ), founded in 2005, New Delhi&Kerala Association of Professional Social Workers ( KAPS ), founded 2013, Kottayam.

INPSWA in association with Dept. of Social Work, Christ University&Child Rights Trust (CRT), Bengaluru organized National Level Capacity Building Workshop for Child Rights Social Workers on Combating Child Labour and Child Trafficking on 18th and 19th August 2016 at Christ University, Bengaluru. The event was sponsored by International Federation of Social Workers – Asia Pacific Region (IFSW-AP) and co-sponsored by the Japanese Centre for Social Welfare Promotion and National Examination, through Japanese Coordinating body for IFSW membership.