Aims & Objectives of INPSWA

To bring together Professional Social Work associations which presently operating indifferent parts of the country be it state, regional or national under the same platform so that Professional Social Workers in the country can have a representative body at National Level.

To promote Professional social work as a dignified Profession and get an identity for Professional social workers

To promote social work, service and charity

To promote education, learning and training in the field of social work

To network and work with social work organizations at various levels including state, regional, national and international levels

To affiliate to International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and any such or similar organizations working for the cause of professional social workers and thus represent the professional social workers of the country.

To work closely with government, state and central and also with local self governments in evolving policy on social work and welfare including employee social security legislations.

To liason and work closely with Governmental departments and agencies in planning and implementing schemes related to social welfare, human rights and other related fields of social work..

To organise seminars, symposium workshops, conferences, consultative meetings and any such other activities at state, central, international levels.

To affiliate member organizations whose members are professional social workers and which are working for the cause of social work profession, subject to guidelines that may be issued by the committee from time to time.